I started nDDRo with tanuki1 (who's gone through at least 20 names by now) sometime in 2002. I was a huge fan of the songs and charts found in DDR 4th to Extreme, so that's the kind of content you can expect from me.
Favorite DDR: 5th Mix
Contact: titiln@gmail.com, Discord - titiln#4394.
I'm tanuki1 for this go 'round of nDDRo. I was the founder of the group way back in the day along with Titiln, and I've drifted in and out of the rhythm game community for the past decade and a half. My new found love for fitness and cardio eventually brought me back into the scene, and here we are.
Favorite DDR: DDRMAX 2
Contact: Discord - tanuki_ichi#5242.
I used to go by a name of a character from my favorite video game, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. I think it made me sound like I watch anime but I don't know anything about that, and I have grown up since then, so I changed it! I am a bit of a "boomer" when it comes to music and rhythm games, so many of my files will hopefully give you a nice old school vibe.
Favorite DDR: DDR Konamix
Contact: Find me on Discord!

Unlike tanuki1 I don't like cardio, but I do really like putting arrows to music and pretending it's high art. I peaked in 2005 and then settled into mediocrity, but for some reason, I haven't been kicked out of nDDRo yet. I'm actually here to make friends.
Favorite DDR: DDRMAX 2 JP
Contact: Don't call us, we'll call you
Surprisingly, I've been playing DDR for 20 years. I won't forget how fun not only to play it, but also to step it. I would be glad if you enjoy our charts.
Favorite DDR: 3rdMIX, 4thMIX PLUS, SOLO2000, and EXTREME
Contact: N/A
Aspiring future Zumba instructor.
Favorite DDR: Extreme
Contact: Discord - hakanasa_okonau#1843

Q: Where can I find the videos the stepfiles use?
A: Download one of the video packs here (if you're having trouble with the links, try Right Clicking -> Open in New Tab)

UPSCALED VIDEOS (StepMania 5 only): 2.7GB
NORMAL VIDEOS (For StepMania 3.9 and StepMania 5): 450MB

Thanks to Scrap Rabbit for upscaling the videos.

Q: Weren't there more files on the site?
A: Yes, most of them will come back eventually, but they weren't up to current standards.

Q: What version of Stepmania are these files meant for?
A: They will work in Stepmania 3.9 and Stepmania 5. The .sm file read by Stepmania 3.9 will use a 4:3 background image and a lower quality video if needed, while the Stepmania 5 .ssc file will use a widescreen background image, some songs have cooler background animations and they have the option to use x-scale ratings.

Q: Are there any banner files if I put these in an nDDRo folder?
A: Here's a jacket sized one and a banner sized one

Q: What difficulty scale do these files use?
A: All of these files use the old 1-10 scale, but all of them include a separate file you can use instead that will show them with x-scale ratings. It should be inside an "x-scale rating" folder in each stepfile. This feature is only available for Stepmania 5.