I'm one of nDDRo's founders. After learning about stepfile making from SHOH, I've been making stepfiles on a regular basis, sometimes completely losing interest and then regaining it. I hope to make several new, exciting stepfiles, and also bring back some good old "favorites".
Contact: titiln@gmail.com, Titiln9 (AIM), titiln9@hotmail.com (MSN), Super Deluxe Message Board.
Music: Hard-Fi, The Offspring, Duran Duran, The Smiths.
Contest History: TournaMix 5 (2nd), DDROSC 3 (7th), DDROSC 3+ (2nd), TournaMix 6 (2nd), DDROSC 4 (2nd), BEST-mix 2 (1st).
I am the founder and creator of nDDRo. Way back in the day, it was just me and Titiln. I handed the group over to him after a long hiatus of not making files or even playing DDR for that matter. My interest tends to die/rekindle every now and then, but I always come back to what I'm good at -- owning your face for free with sweet charts.
Contact: xshohx@gmail.com, ocelotyouth (AIM), Super Deluxe Message Board.
Music: Guns 'n Roses, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Three 6 Mafia.
Contest History: TournaMix 6 (6th), BEST-mix 2 (4th).
I have been making simfiles for a number of years and hope to continue to bring quality to the table. I enjoy eurobeat cheese, trance, rock (alternative and punk), and a variety of other musical styles. I joined nDDRo after scoring second-place in the original TKOIFT, and have been a loyal member since.
Contact: epattison@gmail.com, lrxevan (AIM), Super Deluxe Message Board.
Music: Panic! At the Disco, BT, DJ U Hey?, Aerosmith, mioco.
Contest History: TournaMix 6 (Forfeit), DDROSC 4 (1st), DDROSC 5 (1st), TKOIFT (2nd), BEST-mix 2 (2nd).
I'm here because I'm friends with Titiln and SHOH. I make about one file per year, and it'll probably be Japanese. The "Di Gi Jared Invitational"? I have no idea what you're talking about!
Contact: whipped@mistrust.com, Super Deluxe Message Board.
Music: AAA, 氣志團, 175R
Contest History: TournaMix 6 (DQ), BEST-mix 1 (6th).
My first experience in making a stepfile was 7 years ago. That was really exciting. I like seeing people playing my stepfiles. So I think the steps of a stepfile should be fun whenever I'm making stepfiles. I really hope a lot of people play my stepfiles.
Contact: maxxunlimited@hotmail.com
Music: Thunderpuss, Scorccio.
Contest History: わいえむ, BEST-mix 2 (3rd).
I voted for my own entry in the Iron Feet tournament and that was its only vote. After this and many other classic moments I fell through a trap door and landed here! I do a lot of random, fun things and hope you will enjoy my "entropical climate.".
Contact: Juub005@gmail.com, rageatm005 (AIM)
Music: Keane, ABBA, Donna Summer, india.arie, Nelly Furtado, K-Maro, The Killers.
Contest History: DDROSC 3, Tournamix 6, DDROSC 4 (6th), DDROSC 5 (5th), TKOIFT (3rd), The DGJ Invitational (2nd)

Q: WHOA DUDE is nDDRo back?
A: Yeah. That's a pretty dumb question!

Q: Where did everybody's old files go?
A: Some are definitely gone, and some will return updated. You can voice your opinion about your favorite files in the forums!

Q: What are these files for?
A: You need StepMania to use these.

Q: Can I use any of your work (cuts, graphics, steps, other)?
A: Yeah. Just drop us an e-mail/leave a post in the forum or give us credit in a readme or something.

Q: Can I join this fine website?
A: Don't call us, we'll call you.

Q: Can you link to my site?
A: Send an e-mail to one of us or post in the forums and we'll consider it!

Q: These steps are too easy! What's up with that?
A: They're meant for pad. If you want keyboard files go to bemanistyle.com or something.

Q: What software do you people use for your stepfiles?
A: StepMania (steps), GoldWave (cutting, offset), Acid Pro 4.0 (BPMing), PhotoImpact 8/PhotoShop (graphics).