10/18/2008 - U-U-UMA UMA
· Ken uploads Caramelldansen and Ima kono toki dake. His Polyrhythm file has challenge steps now, too
- Titiln

9/24/2008 - hear them all singing
· Please welcome out newest member, sixx!
· We've uploaded our BEST-mix 2 entries. That's GIRLFRIEND (Speedy Mix) from me (now with doubles), SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW -OVERHEAD CHAMPION REMIX- by sixx, TWINKLE SNOW POWDERY SNOW by lrxevan, and WOW by Ken.
· Links are up.
- Titiln

7/23/2008 - DDRMAX 3
· The game Ken, I, and several of Ken's friends have been working on is finally out for you to enjoy. 78 stepfiles, all of them with complete single/double stepcharts and background animations or videos. It also includes courses and its own theme edited from Takuya20's (with permission). Many thanks to al2k4 for hosting it!
- Titiln

7/20/2008 - We're gonna score
· I upload CHOU with a VIDEO.
· lrxevan uploads Polyrhythm, with a video.
· Ken uploads Polyrhythm, with a video. Huh??? He also uploaded QUEEN OF LIGHT!
· Juub uploads three files: Disappear, Magic of the Moon, and Smile Like You Mean It.
· Get ready...
- Titiln

4/07/2008 - Better late than never
· I add Say This Sooner and another great Ronski Speed song; SOULSEEKER.
· Titiln does all the work again.
- lrxevan

4/05/2008 - slam it to the left if you're having a good time
· Oh hey, it's been half a year. Oops.
· I have added Paper Planes.
· Titiln comes back with Possession (Chris Paul Club Remix) and Hiho.
· beanbag updates with Rainbow and The Heat Is On.
· lrxevan adds Ai No Corrida. Wait, what?
- Ebisumaru

10/05/2007 - some girls are bigger than others
· Ken has added CAFE CAFE!
· Titiln has added She Blinded Me With Science and Lucky Cha Cha Cha!
· DGJ updates with Nettaiya.
· I have added wish, and WISH (EUROBEAT MIX).
· SHOH has added A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More ''Touch Me'' as well as Footprints.
· Juub005 will Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin'), and Pito Pito.
· lrxevan has added 21st Century Digital Girl (Josh Harris Vocal Club Mix), Arigato, In My Heart (Ovrar Euro Mix), TKO, and Yeah!
· beanbag has added Don't Tell Me (Factory Eurotrance Remix) and Carry On Night (English Version). Dayum!
- Ebisumaru

9/01/2007 - IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH
· Today Ken uploads Boys Of Summer, Paranoia Juliana, and Paranoia Juliana MAX. Also, Distance ~In Your Love~ and Stuck (Thunderpuss Radio Remix) have been updated. Wow!
· Everybody's favorite beanbag uploads Lion Eddie and Un Monde Parfait (DJ Ten Remix). INCROYABLE!
· Juub005 added Shaniqua and I Don't Love You. Excellent!
· I, Ebisumaru, am releasing The Music Is Movin', The Music Is Movin' (Delaction Remix), and Rio. BYE!
- Ebisumaru

7/28/2007 - ...with ballistics too!
· lrxevan uploads Reality and a pretty cool sounding remix of The Space We Are.
· Ken uploads TWO songs from Dancemania Bass number 6! They're Captain Karaoke and E-Rotic's Mambo No. Sex. He also uploaded Radio from SEB160.
- Titiln

7/24/2007 - Who's that drivin', Patrick Swayze?
· Hey kids. It's only been what, 22 days without an update now? Well, fuck all dat- I just dropped the bomb on my page with SIXSIXSIX new files: BRING IT (SNAKES ON A PLANE), THE WOAH SONG, THE HAND THAT FEEDS, DEJA VU (Freemasons Radio Mix), R8U, and SNAKE EATER (abstracted camouflage). I would have updated sooner but I really don't like uploading files in odd numbers. Whoopsies!

7/02/2007 - PICK A OR C
· I uploaded The Bravery's An Honest Mistake.
· Ken drops a GUITARFREAKS BOMB!!! on nDDRo with 4 stepfiles from that series. They're Funky sonic World, 涙のregret, under control, and Out of Breath. He also uploaded Dance the Night Away from Mambo A Go Go and Not Gonna Get Us by t.A.T.u.! He also fixed そこにあるかもしれない・・・, added new steps for I'm A Slave 4 U, and even made double steps for my New York City Boy stepfile! Ken is unstoppable.
- Titiln

6/25/2007 - be careful with q-tips please
Every song uploaded today is a cover. :)
· I added When You Were Young (Almighty Mix).
· lrxevan added Inspiration and Everytime We Touch (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Remix)
· beanbag added London Bridge (Speed Version).
- Ebisumaru

6/03/2007 - MEGA UPDATE!!!
Today, I present to you two new member, Ken and Juub005! 17 new files today.
· Ken added Distance ~In Your Love~, そこにあるかもれない・・・, The Call (Thunderpuss Radio Edit), I'm A Slave 4 U (Thunderpuss Radio Mix), and Stuck (Thunderpuss Radio Remix).
· Juub005 added Femme Like U, Ride Wit Me, Bend and Break, Crystal Ball, and Back That Thang Up.
· beanbag added Love & Joy (Red Monster Remix), Mermaid (Delaction Remix), and Serenade For Spring.
· lrxevan added I Always Get What I Want.
· I added Helena, Natsu Matsuri, and Now & Forever.
- Ebisumaru