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02/17/2021 - they got it comin'
· DDRMAX3 Plus has been updated with many small song fixes, audio quality improvements, complete 3.9 compatibility, the 3.9 theme, optional x-scale ratings for StepMania 5, and three new songs (ショムニ メインテーマ THE GREAT WOMEN -Remix- by Ken, MY TIME by tammie, and CAFE (KC Reconstruct Mix) by lrxevan). Make sure to completely delete your previous installation, download the new one, and Reload Songs/Courses in StepMania.
· All of our files have been updated to consider 3.9 compatibility, and to let you use a smaller pack of videos if you don't want to download something that massive. For this purpose, you'll have to redownload the video packs (or use Bulk Rename Utility to rename your previous downloads from .mp4 to .avi). Either way, it is essential to have a RandomMovies folder full of .avi files if you're going to play our files. We're using beware's video pack, so if you already have that and don't care for the upscaled videos you don't have to download anything extra. Download the video packs here (if you're having trouble with the links, try Right Clicking -> Open in New Tab)

UPSCALED VIDEOS (StepMania 5 only): 2.7GB
NORMAL VIDEOS (For StepMania 3.9 and StepMania 5): 450MB

· tammie uploads EVERYTHING COUNTS and I upload KICK THE CAN (Hyper KCP Mix).
- Titiln

01/24/2021 - nDDRo 4 Life
· nDDRo is back after a 12 year hiatus! Try out our newest files, download DDRMAX 3 PLUS and make sure to download the upscaled video pack because all of our files (DDRMAX 3 Plus as well) will use it from now on!
- Titiln