K-Maro - Femme Like U
If you're going to download only one of my files, download this. It's my personal favorite! This guy's basically the best Lebanese French-Canadian melodic hip-hop artist ever.
BPM/Difficulties: 117 BPM, 1/3/6/8
Nelly - Ride Wit Me
One of my favorite summer jams, with steps that hearken to 2nd Mix or something. Thanks to Titiln for the graphics!
BPM/Difficulties: 102 BPM, S:1/2/5/6 | D:1/4/6
Keane - Bend and Break
Arguably Keane's most beautiful song. Thanks to Ebisumaru for the CDtitle!
BPM/Difficulties: 138 BPM, 1/3/6/7
Keane - Crystal Ball
Joyful postmodernist postBritrock post-baccalaureate poststeps. Thanks to Xythar for the sync on the last measure!
BPM/Difficulties: 124 BPM, 1/2/5/6
Juvenile - Back That Thang Up
One of the most entertaining hip-hop hits of the late 90s, and steps kind of but not really "1st Mix" style. Thanks to Ebisumaru for the graphics!
BPM/Difficulties: 97 BPM, 2/4/6
Little T and One Track Mike - Shaniqua
Is Shaniqua there? HELL NO! Mad shoutouts to Titiln for the dape graphics.
BPM/Difficulties: 105 BPM, 1/2/5/7
My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You
Introducing "power anthem steps." Thanks to Evan for the CDtitle.
BPM/Difficulties: 85 BPM, 1/2/4/5
T-Pain featuring Yung Joc - Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')
You know, there was "Beautiful Girls," (#1 for 4 weeks) and "Umbrella" (#1 for 7 weeks)... but I'd prefer to call this the #1 summer hit of 2007.
BPM/Difficulties: 80 BPM, 1/1/4/5
Willie Revillame - Pito Pito
Hey, C/J/K-Pop fans: they have music in the Philippines too, and I promise most of it isn't like this!
BPM/Difficulties: 127 BPM, 1/3/5/9
No Angels - Disappear
Why did Juub disappear?
BPM/Difficulties: 123 BPM, 1/2/4/6
T.A.K. - Magic of the Moon (2005 Extended)
It's a fun techno-ish song with a danceable beat, and it made for a fun cata. But I changed the rating.
BPM/Difficulties: 145 BPM, 1/4/6/8
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
My absolute favorite Killers song; perfect reminder of warm summer high school nights. Heavy and Challenge included, one old-school and one new-school. Awesome chart numbering.
BPM/Difficulties: 125 BPM, 1/4/4/7/7