- Developer comments from 2008 -


I didn't forget about my own steps when making steps like KONAMI would.


Hello! I made stepcharts for two songs as a step creator.
How do you feel about MAX3 which has the concept of being an official KONAMI game?
I'm glad that both people who have already played and have not played yet can enjoy this for a long time.


Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm M.Q.M.G Project.
I'm happy that my song is going to be used on MAX3.
The song is a bit exotic and ethnic, like many dance songs we have.
What's more, it was chosen to be remixed!
That is amazing.


Hi, I'm }V}! Please pronounce my name "maxim".
The concept of SUMMERTIME, included in MAX3, is like... you drive your favourite car on the seaside way with your darling and with your favourite music playing.
Actually, this song has lyrics. I hope I can add the vocal part into it and then it'll become a groovy pop song.
Expect to hear more from me soon.

  - Developer comments from 2021 -

The next one is this.
I made most of the graphics for DDRMAX3, and a couple songs. DDRMAX3 PLUS was planned very shortly after the release of DDRMAX3 in 2008, but it was indefinitely postponed when I stopped making content for StepMania. After seeing how some people still enjoyed the game 12 years later, I decided to start work on a massive update, along with many of the songs that were planned back in 2009. It's now a big pack of stepfiles you can use anywhere! We hope you enjoy it.
- What's DDRMAX3 Plus?
DDRMAX3 Plus is an update to DDRMAX3. DDRMAX3 was a fan game made in 2008. Our goal was to try and make something that looked like an official Konami Dance Dance Revolution game from the MAX-Extreme era. Every song features singles and doubles charts on all difficulties, as well as videos.

- What version of StepMania should I use for these stepfiles?
DDRMAX3 Plus has been tested in StepMania 3.9 and StepMania 5.

  Thank you for playing.