If you're having trouble downloading these files, try right clicking on the link and opening in a new window.

MAIN DOWNLOAD: 1.3GB (Last updated: 05/12/2021)
VER 1.2 PATCH (Download if you downloaded DDRMAX 3 Plus before 05/12/2021)

BACKGROUND VIDEOS (you only have to download one pack):
UPSCALED VIDEOS (StepMania 5 only): 2.7GB
NORMAL VIDEOS (For StepMania 3.9 and StepMania 5): 450MB

Thanks again to @TakuyaVS for letting us use his theme many years ago.



1: Extract the main download to your StepMania folder (will work fine in 5 or 3.9).
2: Download ONE of the video packs listed above and extract it to your StepMania folder. The upscaled videos will not work in StepMania 3.9. The normal videos will work in either version of StepMania. DDRMAX3 Plus uses beware's video pack, so if you've already downloaded a pack of random videos there's a good chance you already have it.

If you're using StepMania 3.9, you can also use the DDRMAX3 Plus theme. Extract the contents to your StepMania 3.9 folder.

If you're using StepMania 5, there is an option to change all the song ratings to use the newer x-scale. Drag the contents of the "DDRMAX 3 Plus - X-Scale" folder into your Songs folder and overwrite everything.