*guitar* INXS - Need You Tonight (Static Revenger Mix)
You have to recognize that guitar riff! Comes from the Future Retro remixes CD, which mostly sucked because everything sounded really dumb. Except for this one.
BPM/Difficulties: 125 BPM, 2/5/7
All the people. So many people! Blur - Parklife
This song is my first attempt at dealing with BPM changes, and I guess it came out alright. Putting technical lameness aside, this is probably my favorite Blur song, and the steps came out nicely, if a bit easy (as they should be, anyway).
BPM/Difficulties: 136 BPM, 2/4/6
Find me and follow me. Franz Ferdinand - The Dark Of The Matinée
This is the fourth track in Franz Ferdinand's album of the same name, and one of their bigger hits along with Take Me Out and Do You Want To. I first listened to these guys like, one year and a half ago, and I'm still not tired of them. This is also another attempt at a file that doesn't have an even BPM.
BPM/Difficulties: 115 BPM, 2/5/7
COME WITH ME AAA - Blood on Fire
If it wasn't thanks to that Jared dude I probably wouldn't know anything about this cool group known as AAA. This is also probably the first ever Initial D related stepfile (it was in the live action movie or something) that doesn't have graphics related to Initial D at all!
BPM/Difficulties: 156 BPM, 3/6/8
You're wasting your time :( Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
This one is pretty interesting. If, for some reason, you feel like DDRing to one of the best stalker songs ever (and the only Morrissey song that got chart success in America), then this is all you need.
BPM/Difficulties: 87 BPM, 2/4/5
I know she's playing with me! The Offspring - Self Esteem (Skazi and Irritante Remix)
I was looking for the original version of this song and stumbled upon this remix. All in all, this is a somewhat difficult 7. Almost an 8.
BPM/Difficulties: 142 BPM, 3/5/7
Let's all meet up Pulp - Disco 2000 (MOTIV 8 Discoid Mix)
This is the first file I'm bringing back without any major changes besides some tweaks in the graphics. I thought it was good!
BPM/Difficulties: 133 BPM, 3/6/7
Always should be someone you really love! Blur - Girls & Boys
One of my first stepfiles was a remix for this song. Stupid me didn't realize the original version was way better.
BPM/Difficulties: 120 BPM, 2/5/7
PREPARE FOR THE FIIIIIIIGHT The Lovemakers vs. Trans-X - Lovemakers on Video (DJ Matt Hite Mashup)
After Ebisumaru stepped Doctor Pressure, I got into mashups (I'm not too creative). This one mashes together Prepare For The Fight and Living on Video.
BPM/Difficulties: 132 BPM, 3/5/7
Where seventh avenue meets Broadway! Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy (The Almighty Definitive Mix)
I started work on this one YEARS ago and completely forgot about it until I recently heard it on TV. And there you have it. Now featuring double steps thanks to Ken!
BPM/Difficulties: 133 BPM, S:2/4/7 | D:2/5/7
Stop, collaborate and listen! Ultimate Heights - Everybody 2 The Sun (Scorccio Radio Mix)
For cheap revival #2 I picked this one. Almost won DDROSC3+. This song heavily samples Just Can't Get Enough and Ice Ice Baby. How can anyone not like it?
BPM/Difficulties: 127 BPM, 3/6/8
Don't look at me that wa-ay The Bravery - An Honest Mistake
Here's yet another rock song. Maniac is a bit hard, but I really had to follow those loud drumrolls.
BPM/Difficulties: 140 BPM, 3/5/8
SCIENCE Fadeinn - She Blinded Me With Science
This was my entry for Best-Mix which ultimately lost because DJ Potatoe wouldn't recognize a good stepchart if it hit him in the fucking head.
BPM/Difficulties: 145 BPM, 3/6/8
RAKKI CHA CHA CHA Minimoni - Lucky Cha Cha Cha!
This was my one of my entries for TournaMix 6 which ultimately got second place! What's not to love about it? New graphics!
BPM/Difficulties: 160 BPM, 3/6/7
Download! (Video included!)
you are my possession Jyongri - Possession (Chris Paul Club Remix)
This song is by Jyongri. She is younger than me!
BPM/Difficulties: 131 BPM, 3/5/7
It's off to work we go! Captain Jack - Hiho
You can't go wrong with the great Captain Jack. Red Monster Remix coming soon???
BPM/Difficulties: 146 BPM, 3/5/7
chou chou chou DJ Ozma - Chou!
This was my Best-Mix 1.5 entry that didn't win. Maybe it could've won with a video...
BPM/Difficulties: 138 BPM, 4/6/7
Download! (Video included!)
hey hey u u Hanna - Girlfriend (Speedy Mix)
This was my Best-Mix 2 entry that got 1st place! It's Hime Trance, Dancemania Speed, Saifam and Avril, all in one. Now featuring doubles by Ken!
BPM/Difficulties: 174 BPM, S:2/3/6/8 | D:4/6/8
Download! (Video included!)